Practice Areas

Commercial Litigation
The firm concentrates a large part of its practice in the general business litigation area including business disputes, contract matters, unfair competition, intellectual property litigation, litigation concerning real estate, and commercial banking.

Kay Griffin, PLLC represents a number of local and national construction and development companies across the Southeast.

Intellectual Property
Kay Griffin, PLLC provides clients advice and representation on a variety of matters regarding intellectual property. The firm assists its clients with creating, securing, licensing and transferring rights in intellectual property. The firm's attorneys also have extensive experience in litigating copyright and other entertainment issues.

Insurance and Trucking Litigation
The firm represents a variety of national insurance companies. The firm has defended thousands of insureds in personal injury, commercial, construction, and intellectual property cases among others. The firm issues many coverage opinions also.

Employment Law
The firm represents local and regional companies in employment matters. The firm's employment practice includes consultation on a variety of issues, drafting and negotiating employment agreements, independent contractor and severance agreements, administrative law practice, and defense of wrongful termination, discrimination and harassment claims filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, as well as state and federal courts.

Appellate Practice
While most cases conclude in the trial court, appeals in some cases are inevitable. Effective appellate practice combines sound analysis to identify the key issues in a case, thorough legal research, persuasive writing, and confident and convincing oral advocacy. The attorneys at Kay Griffin, PLLC have combined to successfully represent clients in well over a hundred appeals at all levels.

Personal Injury
Kay Griffin, PLLC represents both plaintiffs and defendants. The firm is proud of its experience in representing plaintiffs who have been injured by the negligence of others. Further, because the firm also represents insurance companies, the attorneys understand the claims process and how to get results without taking years to do so.

Alternative Dispute Resolution/Arbitration/Mediation
Kay Griffin, PLLC recognizes that litigation can be expensive. Every effort is made to resolve our client's disputes as efficiently as possible. This firm has extensive experience in alternative dispute resolution. In particular, James D. Kay, Jr. has served as a mediator and/or an arbitrator in well over 1,800 cases. Mr. Kay, Mr. Griffin, and Mr. Colbert are listed as Supreme Court Rule 31 mediators.